Leicestershire Life Savers Society



Leicestershire Lifeguards

Leicestershire Lifeguards is a voluntary unit established in 1985 to meet the need for qualified lifeguard cover to oversee open water lifesaving exams. The Unit is a member of the Royal Life Saving Society UK and one of over 100 units registered within the National Lifeguard Training Programme.


Years of hard work

In 1991 the Unit moved to Bosworth Water Park, on the B585 near Market Bosworth. Since the unit was formed we have provided over 100,000 patrol hours and dealt with over 10,000 incidents.

  • 7% - were life threatening emergencies.
  • 38% - related to major incidents, rescue and transfers to hospital.
  • 55% - were minor incidents, water safety advice and first aid.

We appreciate your support

Leicestershire Lifeguards depends on subscriptions, donations and sponsorship to continue to provide a valuable and respected service in the community. Over the years the Unit has benefited from donations and grants from a wide range of companies, trusts and private individuals. If you wish to support the Unit in the form of donations, facilities and/or equipment (no matter how small) it would be greatly appreciated.