Leicestershire Life Savers Society

Training courses

We provide a range of training courses that have Regulated Qualifications that are recognised and monitored by Ofqual.

Our Non-regulated Qualifications are certificated by RLSS UK and are not to be confused with qualifications regulated by Ofqual. All our non-regulated qualifications, certificated by RLSS UK, are held to high standards and offer industry leading skills.

Our facilities based at Bosworth water park are perfect to get the most from your time with us, with an onsite cafe ample parking and beautiful countryside. We can also bring our training courses to you.

open water

Open Water Lifeguard Qualification

The course is aimed at qualified swimming pool lifeguards. This 'bolt on' module will equip lifeguards with both the knowledge and experience to keep people safe in open water. This 'bolt on' module is delivered over 1 day and valid for 2 years.  

This Open Water Lifeguard qualification will enable candidates with no previous lifeguard experience to become qualified. By attaining this qualification candidates will have been assessed as competent to provide supervision and rescue cover for planned, organised and risk-assessed activities in open water (still, non-tidal).

The Open Water Lifeguard Qualification delivered over three days, is valid is 2 years and is independently assessed.

canoe safety

BCU Canoe safety course

This training course is intended for all paddlers of all ages and abilities.

The course is also intended for coaches and volunteers irrespective of craft or discipline choice. It will give the certificate holder the Skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others It will also give the appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty.

powerboat safety

RYA Power Boat and Safety Boat

This course is suitable for people aged 16+ who want to learn the skills required when acting as an escort craft, safety boat or coach boat for a fleet of dinghies, windsurfers or canoes, or for racing or training activities.Preparation, boat handling, dinghy rescue, windsurfer rescue, kayak or canoe rescue (can be covered as theory), towing, end-of-day procedures, safety, suitability of craft, local factors, communication, rescuing other water users.

first aid

HSE First Aid at Work

This course is for anyone who might need to provide first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill at work, and covers the common injuries and illnesses.

It will give you an Emergency first aid at work certificate (valid for three years) and enable the holder to become a qualified first aider (aimed at low risk workplaces). It will cover accidents and emergencies which could happen in the workplace.

automated external defibrillator

AED (automated external defibrillator) with life support course

This course is suitable for people aged 16+ who don't have a current first aid certificate but want to learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) machine.

It covers first aid for unresponsive adult casualties, including the use of an AED machine.